Community Service Programs and Partnerships

YWCA Girls First

SISM has proudly donated funds to the YWCA’s Girls First program for two years. This year-long intensive leadership program includes summer internships for girls to learn job skills. The mission of the program is “to encourage leadership, instill confidence, develop skills and provide opportunities to Girls of Color.” More information can be found on the YWCA website.

The Bridge Continuum of Services for Sexually Exploited Youth

SISM has awarded over $25,000 to this program which provides medical, mental health and trauma counseling, education, and support services for underage children, mostly girls, who have been involved in domestic trafficking and prostitution.  Under the umbrella of Youth Care, this is a pioneering project in the Seattle/King County area and one of the first in the United States. To learn more about this program, please visit The Bridge. To donate to SISM in support of this program, please click here.

YWCA Angeline’s Women’s Center

One of our local partners is the YWCA. Our Club members and friends volunteer their time on projects at Angeline’s Women’s Center in addition to providing and serving lunch. This is one of the ways our Club is involved in serving the community, not only by donating funds but by getting to know the women we serve. For more information about Angeline’s, please visit the YWCA website. To donate to SISM in support of this program, please click here.

Outreach to Street Youth

For many years, our Club has provided support to organizations such as Youth Care who provide social services to homeless young people in the Seattle area. Support includes blankets, meals, counseling, and basic medical services. To donate in support of this program, please click here.

STOP Trafficking

Local and worldwide Soroptimists are taking a strong stand to prevent human trafficking internationally and domestically.  Community education and awareness are a first step in combating trafficking of women and children. Local, regional and national events to STOP Trafficking are held in partnership with the National Women’s Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation (NWCAVE).

Secret Shopper Holiday Giving Project

During the holidays, SISM partners with the City of Seattle, Aging and Disability Services to provide holiday gifts for disadvantaged senior women living alone. Items on the wish lists include gloves, socks, winter coats, bed linens, personal items and grocery gift cards. Here is how you can help:

1) Make a donation and we will do the shopping for you. Your donation will go towards wish list items, a grocery gift card and a gift bag with household goods for each woman. You may donate by sending a check to our club address: PO Box PO Box 2676, Seattle, WA 98111. Please include a letter indicating you would like the funds to go toward the Secret Shopper Project.

2) Donate items. If through your business or other organization you are able to donate new items such as bed linens or grocery cards and bus tickets, please let us know by emailing us at

We will be in touch to discuss your possible donation.

100% of all money donated is intended to fund the Secret Shopper program. However, if additional money remains after this, it will be used to assist women and children through referrals from other agencies. We will also be accepting donations throughout the year to fund Soroptimist programs.


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